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I Almost Ruined My Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party Because…

It was in April a couple of years back, my crew and I were laughing at each other while we were doing crazy tricks on our skateboards. Earlier that week, dad, my little sister and I had a little “discussion”. We were planning a surprise birthday party for mom.

So, the plan was simple. We would pretend like we had all forgotten her birthday. She would be very sad and disappointed. I was in charge of buying the sweet pea pink flower and, of course, some beer (I was old enough then).

I started skateboarding a few months earlier. As days and days went on, I became more attracted to this sport. I was kind of like an addict, you could say. I would go to the skate park every afternoon after school just to make a few moves and would never get bored.

That day, my bros were teaching me the BullFlip. I got so excited and tried over and over again. My sister called me and asked whether I had bought the flowers and drinks. When I looked at the phone’s clock, it was already 7. Oh my god, Bull…manure.

She shouted, “You so overdose with all of this skateboarding thing” My bros were laughing at me and one offered me a ride so I could get to the stores faster. Thank god!

The flower shop was closed. But luckily, WalMart was still open. I got some nice cold beer. Because I couldn’t find any fresh flowers, I got my mom a back massager. I made it just in time back home. Mom was just back from work. We threw her a surprise party afterward. She loved her new back massager and smiled a lot that day.

As a sweet surprise, she promised to get me a new skateboard later that year. And overdoseskate.com is my little creation with my best bros to share our love with the entire world. You’ll learn the greatest skateboard tips, tricks, moves, and buying guides right on this blog. We hope you’ll find it helpful and have fun improving your skills!