15 Benefits of Rollerblading You Didn’t Know

15 Benefits of Rollerblading You Didn’t Know

April 8, 2019 Off By Angel.Avery131313

Aside from being an exciting sport, rollerblading also has many other wonderful benefits. If you’re bored and are looking for some interesting daily activities. Sit back and let us explain to you why you should choose rollerblading over most others.

Fun and entertaining

skateboard for beginner adults

skateboard for beginner adults

First of all, it’s pure fun and enjoyment to be able to ride on a pair of skates. And joyful activities are always beneficial for not only your mind but also the body. In additions, it also encourages us to go out more often and participate more in other social activities.

Hence, it’s always good to spend one or two hours a day skating on your rollerblades, instead of spending hours sitting in front of the computer playing games.

A good way to enjoy the scenery

And while you’re riding on the road, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to slow down and enjoy the sceneries. In fact, being able to cruise around is one of the biggest reason why people love rollerblading. If you want to spend some quality time, why don’t you put on your pair of inline skates and hit the road?

In additions, since you’re rollerblading on your own, there will be no one to push you to go faster or get out of the way. Your time is yours to enjoy.

Great for casual transportation

Back in the 90s, rollerblading was a huge trend. Everybody has their own pair of inline skates for comfortable cruising around. And the biggest reason is because of how easy people can transport themselves using rollerblades. All you need to do is put on your favorite pair of rollerblades and you’re ready to go anywhere, from your local grocery store to the school campus where you’re attending.

On top of that, due to their portable nature, you can carry your rollerblades anywhere with ease. Their small sizes can fit comfortably on your backpack or knapsack, which make it extremely convenient.

Stay away from crowded streets

Moreover, since rollerblades are designed for fast and reliable transportation in short distances, they are a great item for keeping you away from the crowded streets. With flexible movements and relatively good speed, you can get yourself out of a traffic jam in a matter of seconds.

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In additions, since they’re not bigger than your average shoes, you can rollerblade in narrow paths that other vehicles can never fit into. Hence, there will be lots of short cuts to take advantages of to get you to your destinations.

Train your mind and confidence

Skateboard concave shapes

Skateboard concave shapes

Practice rollerblading means that you’ll have to put a lot of effort into it. And most of the time, the lessons are paid by sweat and blood. Doing this would also train your mind to be more decisive and determined. Each time you complete a difficult trick or technique, you’ll feel better about yourself. This also helps to build your confidence toward future challenges.

Help you socializing

Like any other hobbies, you’re not alone when it comes to rollerblading. Hence, you can always find awesome friends who’re also interested in inline skating. By practicing in groups, you can quickly improve your skill as well as meeting new people.

This helps a lot if you’re having problems when socializing with people. By finding those who share a common interest, you would naturally feel easier to talk with them. That being said, you shouldn’t hesitate to put your skates on and head to the local park. Spend time talking to fellow skaters and you’ll feel much better.

Not to mention that you guys can spend time cruising in groups every once in a while, it would surely be exciting.

Weight loss

Rollerblading is considered a sports activity, so it’s obviously possible for you to put off some weights by doing it. In fact, many people choose inline skating as their daily sports activity for their mental and physical benefits.

And since it’s not a demanding sport, mostly everyone can do rollerblading. You just need a pair of rollerblades and a strong will to start. Doing it frequently and you’ll be able to lose some serious weights.

Muscle building

Aside from the benefit of weight loss, practice rollerblading daily will help you build up your muscles. You can easily feel your muscle growing after doing rollerblading in a long time, especially muscle at the legs, buttocks, abdominals, and arms. It will make you look more muscular while maintaining a lean body.

Stronger heart

The most popular range of wheel’s durometer

The most popular range of wheel’s durometer

With a relatively high heart rate throughout your training session, you train your heart to be stronger and more efficient just by rollerblading daily. It comes with similar health benefits like running, and you’ll not have to work as hard. So if you’re looking to power up your heart, doing rollerblading wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Increase your stamina

Aside from the more efficient circulatory system which gives you better blood flows, skating with inline skaters also make the respiratory system work harder. Your lung is forced to take deeper and stronger breaths to provide enough oxygen to cells. Hence, your stamina will be improved significantly, making you ready for more demanding training.

Enhance muscle endurance

It has been proven that if you keep working on a group of muscles in a reasonable intensity, the muscle will grow and have better endurance. This is also true when you do rollerblade long enough. Your muscle will be stronger and more resilient. Not to mention that a more efficient circulatory and respiratory system will also boost muscle performance.

Improved body balance

Rollerblading Can Improve body balance

Rollerblading Can Improve body balance

Since inline skating consists of many difficult techniques that require good body balances, you can improve your balance by practice skating daily. And maintain a perfectly balanced posture can give you many health benefits. Not to mention that it also helps with other sports activities like running, walking, and cycling.

Relaxing cardio exercises

You want to get into cardio to reduce those few pounds at your belly, but can’t seem to find a good sport to start? Then rollerblading might be a good choice for you. It doesn’t require too many efforts like running or cycling so you can do it comfortably even if you’re a beginner. On top of that, it also comes with undeniable health benefits. Plus, you can always relax and slow down to enjoy the scenery instead of just focusing on the finish. And sometimes, it would be awesome to try out some new tricks that you’ve learned.

Defeat diabetes

All the foreseeable health benefits that rollerblading provides like a stronger heart, weight loss, and so on, would help patients to battle diabetes. The common health disease is often caused by an unhealthy diet which eventually takes a toll on you. By doing rollerblading frequently, you can get rid of the excess fat and burn out the unhealthy sugar that is destroying your health.

Reduce stress

Skateboard deck construction

Skateboard deck construction

And finally, you will notice incredible changes in your mental health after doing inline skating long enough. First of all, a healthier body will make you feel much better, instead of the old rusty one that you’ve been bothered for a long time. Second, and most important, you can spend time with your friends who also love skating and cruising around, which would lift your spirit significantly. The two combines will give you the best medicine for dealing with stress.

Are you surprise about the beneficial effects of rollerblading? If you’re interested, feel free to check out our other posts. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.